Friday, April 29, 2011


Alright, friends and family! We've started a blog to keep you updated on our lives and adventures in The Land of the Midnight Sun.


I will be working for Alaska Coach Tours again, for my fourth season. And I will be volunteering with the Skagway Volunteer Fire Department. I've been with them for four seasons as well. Callista has found a job as a teller for Wells Fargo in Skagway, and this will be her first season in Skagway, her first time to Alaska, and her first time out of the Country (we'll be driving through Canada to get there).

I am almost TOO excited to be in Canada. :) And to bring home a sled dog and a baby bear. (Don't tell Grandpa.) ;) The packing and preparation is driving me crazy, but I'm hoping it will be worth it once we get there. It will be fun to experience something outside of Utah. I'm going to get SUPER homesick, but I'll have my Tom to help me.

We will be leaving from Logan on Wednesday morning, May 4th, and be arriving on Saturday, May 7th. We'll take 3 days to get there, 37 hours and 2500 miles.

37 HOURS?! In the car?!

Don't worry I'm a professional, Honey. This will be my 6th time driving the Alaska Highway... Phew.

"Phew" is right. :)

We have been preparing for weeks now and we are almost ready to go. This is probably the most prepared I've ever been.

You're welcome.

Oh you.

Well we'll be updating this periodically with pictures, posts, and maybe a movie or two.
Tom and Callista


  1. So exciting! Sad we just hung out for the first time shortly before you are leaving.

    About that baby bear...perhaps someone will leave a baby bear tied to a phone pole and you can save it from being hit by a car, maybe it will follow you home :)

  2. Yes, Callista had a habit of bringing home strays that are somehow tied randomly to poles where they might get hit in the middle of the intersection. I can see that happening AND I can hear the aftermath...
    Thanks for keeping us all updated, guys! I hope to spend some time with you before you leave. Are you driving together? Taking both vehicles? Just a Mom wondering.

  3. Tom, Callista,
    What a fun time we all had at Arby's saying 'good-byes'. Sorry you were sitting on my blind side. I look forward to hearing/reading all about your adventures...
    Duane (the pirate)

  4. OMG I'm totally gonna love following you two. I've had so much fun already catching up on your posts. This is going to be entertaining.