Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh, Canada.... this Canada thing is not as great as I thought it would be. I's CANADA! That's supposed to be awesome, right? Not right. In fact, absolutely wrong. I'm SO glad this isn't the end of our trip our I would be catching the next flight home A.S.A.P.

It isn't so bad, we were stopped and questioned at the border. But I agree, I don't really like Canada so much. I mean these roads are absolutely confusing.

Not only were we stopped at the border (and by stopped I mean we were given a ticket and had to go inside and get questioned by the immigration people. Why? Because we are too awesome to come in to Canada so they wanted to make sure we wouldn't rub off on anybody)...which completely ruined my first Canadian experience...but there is absolutely NOTHING here! We've been driving for miles and the only thing to see are ducks and fields. Wow. I think I'm impressed already.

Well, we didn't get as far as i had hoped. But, we'll be staying in Calgary tonight (a good 12 hour drive) and we'll try to make it to Fort Nelson tomorrow night.

But! We're getting ahead of ourselves. We started out this morning at 8 (even though we woke up at 6...). The beginning wasn't too bad. I didn't get homesick right that was good. I was actually kind of excited and scared and feeling all sorts of adventurous. :) We ended up stopping in Idaho Falls for a potty break and a cord. And guess what we saw?! Okay, you'll never guess so here it is!
It's a fountain! But the coolest fountain EVER!

Can you find the kitty?
Pretty cool, eh?

Oh, Thomas!

Sorry, we're in Canada you "hoser". Today went great, we had fun listening to music and talking about our feelings.... no, not really. What do you think this is? Oprah?

Yes, dear. It's Oprah. And how does that make you feel? ;)
And you mean to say that we had fun listening to music and you had fun watching me dance around like a crazy person in the car. :)

Well, I guess that one too.

Anyway, after the fountain we got back on the road. We came into Montana around 12 and (without much excitement) got the the U.S. - Canadian border around 5:30. We didn't leave the border until 6:30. Tom knew I needed some relief after the border so we stopped in Lethbridge to get some Tim Horton's donuts. I only had one...but they were tasty! Then...just up, up, up into Canada we went until we got Calgary. And, now here we sit.

Yes, I got some Timbits (donut holes). I got addicted to them on my mission in Ohio, and now i can get my fix in the West... all I have to do is drive to Canada.


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  1. Good Going! Keep up that sanity while visiting our Northern Neighbors... There's gotta be *something* up there worth taking note of, else why would anyone live there? :-)